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The primary duties of the Treasurer's office are issuing motor vehicle licenses and transferring vehicles. We collect property taxes for the city and county. Property taxes account for the majority of the revenue in the county budget.  The Treasurer's office also assists senior and disabled citizens file applications for property tax relief and sales tax reductions. We also issue distress warrants for the Department of Revenue and Labor to the Sheriff's office of non-payment of state sales taxes and unemployment insurance.


Brule County Treasurer 
300 S. Courtland St., Ste 108
Chamberlain, SD 57325


Phone: (605)234-4436
Fax:      (605)234-4436


Doreen -
Tammy -

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Doreen Priebe



Tammy James


Your license plates are registered by the first letter of your last name. 
Below is a list of the registration month for each letter.




  • MARCH- F,G,J

  • MAY- H,I,O

  • JUNE- K,L

  • JULY- M,N





A license can be renewed up to 90 days before the assigned month. Please bring registrations or titles for each vehicle you wish to license. 

When transferring a vehicle title into your name, please bring the SD driver's license or social security number of all individuals to be placed on the title.


South Dakota Department of Motor Vehicle delaying title printing (605)773-3541

PIERRE, S.D. - Due to paper supply issues, the South Dakota Department of Revenue's Motor Vehicle Division has stopped printing paper titles effective immediately.  The paper used for printing titles is very unique as it has built in security features to prevent fraud.  The Department anticipates being able to start printing paper titles mid-February 2023.


If an individual has a legitimate reason for acquiring a paper title, they can request one by using an online form found at .  Reasons for requesting a printed paper title include the titled owner moving out of state or vehicle ownership needing to be transferred.  If there is a lien on the vehicle title, the lienholder will have to request that the title be printed.  All requests will be reviewed and processed as paper supplies allow.


Titles are still being processed and individuals are able to check the status of their paperwork using their VIN number using the following website page:

Link to the division of motor vehicles

Property Tax Information:
      The first half of property taxes are due by April 30,            the second half is due October 31.
      Tax payments may be mailed to our office but, must          be postmarked by April 30th and October 31st.
Link to GIS system for tax amounts: 

     Mail payment to: 
     Brule County Treasurer 
     300 S. Courtland St., Ste 108
     Chamberlain, SD 57325

Property Tax Information

2022-3_Understanding Your Property Tax
Download PDF • 164KB


Download PDF • 278KB


Download PDF • 184KB

For information on counties around the state

go to the SDACO website:

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