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Director of Equalization- Clint Soulek

Deputy- Desiree Wranek
Deputy- Jo Dooley


Equalization Office

The function of the office of the Director of Equalization is to annually assess all taxable real property in Brule County for property tax purposes. This office is responsible for the accurate assessment and inventory of all parcel and is the tax base for local government funding for all cities/towns/county, local school districts, townships, and various other tax districts such as fire, water, and ambulance.

All property in South Dakota is assessed annually at its fair market value as defined in South Dakota codified law 10-6-1.3. The assessment date is November 1st. Property taxes applicable to this assessment will come due in the year following the assessment year.

The Director of Equalization does not determine the property tax. The local governments and taxing districts will determine the property tax based upon budgetary needs. The Director of Equalization is responsible for assessing all property at market value to ensure that the property tax burden is equally spread across all taxable property in the county.


The equalization office is also responsible for Zoning, GIS mapping system, County Plat approval, and is the point of contact in the county for the national floodplain program.






Parcel Map/GIS

Brule County Director of Equalization
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